The old sandstone is found in Malindi-kenya. kenya’s best secret;the place broken itself. The layers of the sandstone display in white,pink and orange; visitors decorate their body with the colours for fun . Marafa is locally known as nyari meaning natural sacred depression:the people around consider the place holy and they don’t allow cigarette or alcohol inside. Legends here tell […]


It is 10AM EAT at the historical coastal town of Gedi.The sun is shining bright and we are left with no other option but to dress light for the eventful site visit. We are all cheered up,ready to enjoy the archaeological scenery. First forward, we are at the gate ,Sykes monkeys welcome us as they run from one tree to […]


National horse day is celebrated every December 13th. It’s a day to remember the economic,historical and cultural contribution that horses have made. WHAT TO DO; Go for a horseback ride. Watch a horse movie Donate to an equine charity. Never have i horse ride before and when i will try definitely I’ll bring my experience here. I’m planning to visit […]


The waterfall is calling and i must go,this is me after reading wanjiru’s world blog. She did an awesome blog about this place and I decided to visit tooo. I hope after reading this one person might end up visiting this place just like I did. STANDING BENEATH A WATERFALL. While kenyans are struggling with BBI and COVID-19,the waterfall at […]


Celebrated on 4th December in remembrance of a cheetah club named khayam;laurie marker designated this day after raising the cheetah In wildlife safari Winston, Oregon. Khayam served as part of an important experiment determining whether or not captive cheetah can be taught to hunt and live in the wild on their own again.After a trip to Namibia,the experiment was proven […]


Another opportunity to celebrate my birthday in the jungle but this time i traveled alone to masai mara national reserve and I didn’t have a cake. I booked through Bonfire Adventures. I booked for 3 days and 2 nights..the total was around Ksh40,000 Bonfire picked me from home and we started our journey at around 7.our first stopover was at […]


So this year is 2020 July 5th…my birthday. President kenyatta had banned or rather closed border so no movement around counties…you know why ?because this year is 2020 and we were on lockdown because of covid 19. But again it was my birthday and my gurls had suggested we should do something to mark this day …..There’s a tour and […]


Hey oloolua nature trail,it’s me again I can recall everything here because I don’t forget the sound of the waterfall which I can here from a far… the sounds give me an epiphany …okay i came with a friend who might remain anonymous because I don’t want to rate my writing with 18 and over if I include them. The […]


As you know by now, I hail from central kenya and in as much as I have lived in Kiambu most of my life, I always like going to visit the nature places from time to time to reconnect with my soul.A few years ago i visited paradise lost and let me tell you mainaaa…everything have changed.I came with a […]


First I’m extremely sorry for not uploading earlier on 2018…….lol i was here on 2018 and I’m my kinda late because my soul was against the idea of writing an old story or lets just say I wasn’t a writer by then. Anyway I managed to convince myself and we should be hiking oldonyo by now. As you know by […]