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Dear nature lovers💐

Nature is beautiful and amazing,i wonna share this moment with those who love nature from the core of their hearts ♥️

So this place is called Tarzan kikuyu springs located at kikuyu kidfarmaco road(a friend of mine who lives there told me about it and I’ve been dying to visit the place) Tarzan is next to a very dark forest 🌳.

I wasn’t sure about it but I decided to give it a trial by paying a visit.I also invited my friend who wasn’t familiar with the area so I promised to act like a tour guide ☘️
Do you get that amazing feeling having a walk with someone besides you ,showing them around a new place they have never been?

  • ooooooh yahhh that feeling 😎birds chirping 🐤 water 💦 flowing Eagles 🦅on the tallest trees 🌲 butterflies on your favorite childhood flowers 🌻and then us walking in the amazing Mother Nature 🌬

Okay back to Tarzan kikuyu springs…………..waitttttttt,,,forget about everything I’ve been saying about Tarzan and Tarzan kikuyu springs,,,,,here is the real thing;the forest is called Tarzan and the dam that supplies water to Nairobi go by the name kikuyu spring 🌸

my friend and I were standing next to kikuyu spring enjoying the view and taking pictures and before taking my last picture so that we can head to the other side of the forest;a so called security guard appeared from nowhere and started harassing us. Literally (oh yeah that was the first time I was using the word literally correctly 😹)

I panicked………….. because he insisted (security guard) that we should follow him to the forest where the camp was 😩

To be continued……………..