By the time I was ten, I had listened to many stories about monster and ogre. I can’t believe how I was scared and cried after children who disrespected their parent and ran into the forest then get kidnapped by monsters. y’all know that i love nature and I always travels to get connected to Mother Nature . So finally […]


A moment of silent to all march babies because Celebrating birthdays is a bit harsh now. Here in kenya all restaurants are closed and we are on lockdown. But my friend is celebrating her birthday and we need somewhere to sit as we eat …..forget the “we have food at home” anthem because nobody cares. Or maybe the government cares […]


I grew up in a community where i believed that trees attract rain; actually that was true because there is no rain without trees since trees absorbs water from the soil and release it through evapotranspiration……. Life could not exist on earth without trees because they produce most of the oxygen that human and wildlife breathe. Trees absorb carbon dioxide […]


Let start with a fact that we always use this statement “drink enough water and mind your own business” it’s because water is life. No water no life; water is the most important substance on earth. All plants and animals must have water to survive. WOLRD WATER DAY 2021 water day has been celebrated each year on march 22nd since […]


What if after world war 2 the world was left abandoned crumbled and lifeless, then you are the last person on earth to face the world alone….huh ,tough one right? For me I’ll run to my therapist who is nature and whisper this; ABOUT WORLD WILDLIFE DAY 2021 THEME: forest and livelihoods;sustaining people and planet ______as a way to highlight […]


Here we go again,,,, they say that if you manage to hike mt longonot three times then you are ready to hike mt know what ? I don’t believe in such stuff because I can possibly manage to hike any mountain. Hiking mountain is not easy at all ,I’m warning y’all but it is the biggest dare you can […]


My visit at mombasa-Malindi-watamu kenya made me discover a lot about nature. Like we all know mida-creek a beautiful tidal inlet in Arabuku-sokoke forest kilifi county flourishes with 6 species of mangrove trees. The mangrove i discovered were around the shore of watamu as i was snorkeling. There are nine mangrove species in Kenya,with the Rhizophora Macronata (loop-root) mangrove or […]


The old sandstone is found in Malindi-kenya. kenya’s best secret;the place broken itself. The layers of the sandstone display in white,pink and orange; visitors decorate their body with the colours for fun . Marafa is locally known as nyari meaning natural sacred depression:the people around consider the place holy and they don’t allow cigarette or alcohol inside. Legends here tell […]


It is 10AM EAT at the historical coastal town of Gedi.The sun is shining bright and we are left with no other option but to dress light for the eventful site visit. We are all cheered up,ready to enjoy the archaeological scenery. First forward, we are at the gate ,Sykes monkeys welcome us as they run from one tree to […]


National horse day is celebrated every December 13th. It’s a day to remember the economic,historical and cultural contribution that horses have made. WHAT TO DO; Go for a horseback ride. Watch a horse movie Donate to an equine charity. Never have i horse ride before and when i will try definitely I’ll bring my experience here. I’m planning to visit […]