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  • Welcome to Amboseli national park the home of the African Elephants. It is one of Kenya’s most popular parks.  The name Amboseli comes from a maasai word meaning “salty dust” and it’s one of the best places in Africa to view large herds of Elephants up close.I came with magical quest safaris on a Sunday morning because it was a day trip. I’m here to celebrate my birthday because I love wild birthday.Amboseli national park formerly maasai Amboseli game reserve is a national park in kajiado south constituency in Kajiado county Kenya.
    The local people are mainly maasai, but people from other parts of the country have settled there attracted by the successful tourist driven economy . Maasai women sell beautiful hand made necklaces bangles etc at the gate. The best time to visit Amboseli is between June and September so that your game drive won’t be ruined by rain and the animal can’t hide in the vegetation. On our way to Amboseli we had already spotted some animal giraffe and camels.Our game drive started at 9am ,the weather was so perfect. In Amboseli, the average daytime temperature sits around a hot 28 degree C /82 degree While at night the average doesn’t go much lower than a warm 15 degree C/59 degree F. Temperature peak towards the end of the wet season October to may with april heat particularly fierce.Amboseli offer great wildlife viewing of four of the big five  are present. We don’t have rhinos at Amboseli but big herds of Elephants realiably move to and from the marshy swamps in the center of the park.Amboseli is one of the best wildlife viewing experiences in the world with 400! Species of birds including water birds like pelican, kingfisher African spoon bird, crakes, hamerkop and 47raptor species.Visiting during the rainy season has advantage as well. The accommodations are cheaper and the landscape is lusher, mount kilimanjaro is more visible and birds flock to the filled lake.
  • At the observation hill, this is where you take lunch as you watch Elephants enjoying at the marshy swamps, drinking water and bathing.

  • we did the cake cutting at the observation hills as we were enjoying the view of the lake and the whole of Amboseli.

  • Lions are the easiest to spot of the big five and we all know that during game drive and you spot a lion, then you can call it a day after spotting the king of the jungle .

    Visitors are privided with tents so you don’t have to pack your own and the campground offer basic toilet and bathroom facilities.

    The park is open everyday, including public holidays from 6am to 7pm.

  • You can book with a tour company or direct from the Amboseli offices.
  • Do not litter …. Nobody is there to collect your trash.
  • you can use road or air means of transport.

Amboseli is in the border of Kenya and Tanzania 

Before visiting Amboseli, talk to your doctor about anti malaria pills and any vaccinations you may need for safe travel to kenya

lastly, Amboseli is open for local tourist residents and non resident but entrance fee differ. Don’t forget to carry your national ID and passport for non resident.