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Once upon a time , we used to visit Nairobi national park through school trips …. right?

I can recall vividly carrying a note book to record whatever I will find just for my records because we visit museums to collect art objects of historical , cultural and artistic significance for the purpose of display, protection, preservation and interpretation.

With the festive season being around the corner, many people are planning on their stops.

However, covid 19 pandemic has taught us to minimize and lead a low spending life. and with majority of of the kenyans or resident in the East Africa having lost their jobs while others nursing their pay cut, getting a low but very amazing holiday stop will be a favorable thing to do.

This is why Nairobi national museum comes in. The museum located at Kipande road will not only help you to find a hang out with your friends but also provide a serene environment to boost your productivity energy.


During the visit under nature with Zawady at the museum, a lot was noticed. first, the government of Kenya has provided an extension of the museum to a park ; HON john Michuki park. it was named after the late John Michuki a Kenyan national figure and nature enthusiast. it was named to celebrate his condition towards his contribution towards restoration of Nairobi river and the environment.

The park is located at Kijabe street and the Nairobi River , that runs in the park has reclaimed its clean state.


The museum shows us about our past and learning how things were done in the previous years and post pocket friendly charges for both adults and children.

There is an ample parking so you don’t have to worry about where to leave your car.

There is also a hotel that could serve you and your loved one’s lunch once you arrive at the museum. on the other ground, you are allowed to carry your own food and this means that in case you didn’t carry the food, you could still get some food from the hotel.


The compound has a snake park that has different types of snakes, crocodiles, chameleons, turtle, tortoise and aquarium.

So why should you stay indoors while nature pleads to connect with you and boost your productivity.

even in the best moment of your life while in the company of your friends, family and partner, nature calls to connect.