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Hey oloolua nature trail,it’s me again

I can recall everything here because I don’t forget the sound of the waterfall which I can here from a far… the sounds give me an epiphany …okay i came with a friend who might remain anonymous because I don’t want to rate my writing with 18 and over if I include them.

The trees here are all growing ,up towards the sky spreading their roots and reaching high.

Heading to the waterfall running through the wood the breeze blowing in my curly hair ……okaaay what a lie because I’m on braids and the hunging branches kept on bullying my braids….. you know the struggle of walking past branches then ouch my hair ….haha

The sun was beginning to rise ..i love visiting the waterfall on an early morning

The splashing spray a crystalline water on a beautiful day and a fine cooling mist with a bottle of flavoured water.

Weekends to me are for walks in nature places … oloolua nature trail bring anything for a walk ,maybe a pet which now is a routine which I kinda love but for me I don’t like dogs so sometimes I would scream after meeting one.

Now to the caves…..i grew up listening to my dads stories that prisoner used to be locked in caves during the colonialism period.

The place is full of darkness and too stuffy

On to the bamboo, there’s a seat where you can have your snacks as you enjoy the river

Water do help someone relax …or is it just me ….you know I might be exaggerating the waterfall things.

And the messages left on bamboo trees to show that someone was there …..

If you are reading this and i posted the messages you left on bambooo then I’m really sorry.

The bamboo area is full of different kind of plants

That was ginger plant according to my anonymous friend.

The bamboo leaves swinging around the river bank

Then there’s a place next to the river where I believe if oloolua nature trail had buffalos then that was the best place for wallowing.

We spent the afternoon with random talks and gathering enough memories about nature.

Capturing every single living thing around like the ants

The place is actual heaven…

Still not convinced why I can’t “skinny dip” here😹

As I conclude :if I was a sex writer then I would have included so many left out part between me and anonymous.

Thanks y’all 🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻


  • Amarachi

    Another place I’d like to visit in Nairobi. Love that the city has so many nature trails! Thanks for sharing!

  • zawady

    I can’t wait for you to share your experience here after visiting the place 🌻

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