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As you know by now, I hail from central kenya and in as much as I have lived in Kiambu most of my life, I always like going to visit the nature places from time to time to reconnect with my soul.A few years ago i visited paradise lost and let me tell you mainaaa…everything have changed.I came with a friend for a picnic.

We decided to set our picnic site next to the dam where boat riding takes place.The breeze was everything you could have asked for and our table was on another level,that was according to us though…….


The paradise lost waterfall

I was an early bird or let say I was the early morning dew…. I sat by the waterfall swirling my hands making the water twist around me and tickle my neck. I laughed and water fell right on me. The sun was beginning to rise.water nature moon flower will join together and weld the power.

She wanted to forget everything,she needed a distraction, a place to unwind and hence she found her way to the waterfall,her favourite place in the planet maybe…..


Like I said, i was here 2 years ago so allow me to use some old pictures because I’m still the same girl🤩


Lol…… the caves are next to the waterfall.


You will get help incase you can’t ride…ouch what a harsh Camel and horses.


I was watching ducks……literally—- let me just misuse that word…


Kids are charged sh 500 to play in there.The charges are as follow;

Waterfall and caves=sh 300 kids 200

Entrance to paradise lost =sh 400! Kids 300

Camel rides =300

Horse rides=300


Quad bikes=1500

Archery =1200

For camping ,you might need to make a call for booking.

There is also kuku and nyama choma,cash bar,ostrich feeding and fishing

No swimming in the dam….Also note you will need to pay with mpesa.


paradise lost is the Kenya’s largest picnic site 54 acres of pure fun

Located at kiambu road,if you are using public means of transport,board a matatu hapo stage ya kiambu,alight at the paradise lost entry,use a boda boda which is only 100 then carry nothing but memories

If I’ll have to come back here,,then most probably it will be because of this beautiful waterfall,how the water fall to the ground.

The most important thing to note is that the washroom are so clean.

Thank y’all for reading and see you next time.💙

Enjoy the video below;

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  • Fay

    Ka imeweza imeweza

  • zawady

    Location ningekutumia teketeke ungecome❤️

  • Alice I miss you

    Say hi to my former crush. Tell her I’m still alive. But si bado anakaa poa

  • zawady

    I will ,,I’m glad my article imefanya upatane na crush wako

  • Amarachi

    A lovely account of your visit and your picnic spread looks great! I also went to have a picnic there and enjoyed it as well.

  • zawady

    Thanks for visiting my page ❤️

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