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10:10:2020 so my friend Paul is celebrating his birthday and here we are ,a roadtrip to the last village …….such a convenient escape.

The last village is located in…… oooops i shouldn’t be rushing this,we still have time for this so “don’t rush”

This was our first stopover, I almost typed sleepover😹

I know I’ve already confused you guys because now you can’t tell who is the birthday boy and also all those new faces and it’s a whole squaddd……..we still got time for this remember….

Okay how about if we time warp this,if that makes sense…And boom here we are at The last village

Now I can read your mind because y’all want to ask about the activities….I know right ?remember we still got time for all.

We arrived at the last village at around 3pm because of our many stopovers..ohh come on that was the second time I was about to type sleepover 😹(please forgive me incase I confuse)

This was our table setup

Ohhh No I should show you the whole setup ..what’s up with me today … we go

That’s not a complete setup… guys need to see food and drinks and the people dining right ……Drums rolls🥂

That what we call “tuko sherehe na haitaki hasira” we are in a party and it doesn’t want anger and lets wrap the dining part with a smile


Swimming pool with well comfortable poolside bed,coool music as you enjoy the pool.The place is hot so the water is relaxing as you cool down the heat. I know you can’t relate about the climate of the environment because I didn’t pin the location…and here we go…..The place is located in Athi river Machakos county.

Charges for swimmming pool:Ksh 500

Plenty of quad bikes here,,,, For 30 minutes you only pay ksh1500

Then we took over the kids playground and activities, the kids can play here for free…must be nice to be a kid.

All these grownups took over the kids playground and even started playing football

I Should have said team building if only we used this field instead set aside for such activities

We came here because of Paul ,remember we are here to celebrate his birthday,and we should be cutting the cake by now .

let me introduce him to you

Sorry…ni couples so I should correct my sentence but it’s too late because we are just about to cut the cake . And it’s a wrap


Happy birthday once more……


From breakfast,lunch ,dinner …I mean everything is served

let me share what was in the menu

Do you guys do a research of the hotel menu before going ama y’all rich 😹


luxurious room full of decor and neat beds.

Here are some photos of the last village at night

Access to the balcony,views of sunrise and sunset

Enjoy reading a book as you enjoy the views

To book visit the last village website In order to get the best offer depending on many night you need to spend here.

Also here is the full video about what happened at The last village.

Please note everything is cashless at the last village

To book,use the below link

YouTube player