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A girl has to eat and so what is stopping her from going to santorini lounge and grill??okayyyy #twendesantorini is the latest hashtag and I’m just about to use it after a month of practicing. Santorini lounge and grill is located at kiambu county kikuyu town next to Rubis petrol station, Piazza Arcades kikuyu road.what should i start with……music, food ,drinks….. okayy food first ,remember a girl has to eat.

sorry about that ,let start with an entrance picture….


The butgerthon offer….. and let start with the fact that I was lucky to participate before the offer come to an end on 27/09/2020 but oh dear santorini please extend the offer.

5 burgers,fries and 2l of soda for 1500,that was the offer called the family pack.There’s still plenty of different food at santorini.Remember a girl has to eat.


Santorini just posted this on their Instagram post “The party officially begin today”…. “now let’s show you how we do it at santorini” This is after president uhuru kenyatta opened bar and restaurant. Different type of drinks,just make your order…..

Don’t forget to taste their milkshake too..

Should i continue saying a girl has to eat or a girl has to drink now that I’m sampling drinks?……okay forget that lame joke😹


Allow me to introduce you to this week dj’s of the day….

Because today is Thursday 1st October and such a beautiful lady will make you dance to your beat. To football fans: how about enjoying her music as you watch the champions leagues draw tonight.

Fridayyyyy night dj kalonjeeee,,unwind here at santorini dancing to kalonjeee beats.

Weekend is here already ,,, that was soo first right ::::: another day,new dj,new music,and to football fans,yassss music as we enjoy chelsea facing crystal palace.

who is that djjj, Dj joe mfalme. This is another reason i keep on insisting that weekends should always come with a pause buttton. We need to pullllll up on this. And do you think I can forget about my football fans, a Sunday full of games,music by dj kalonjee, food and drinks from santorini……#twendesantorini

Then we have our own ,, from Thursdays all way to Sunday #twendesantorini


What I mean is take a picture with xtiandela,, I mean just do it,you will be smiling all the way after getting the pictures from their photographer.


Do I even need to explain about the happy hours….?? I’ll explain later when I get answers about “what is stopping you from going to santorini lounge and grill kikuyu”

#twendesantorini as you enjoy this video

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  • Fay

    Wow …just wow we should do Santorini again and again the piece is awesome kizungu is your mouth

  • zawady

    Heyyy, thanks for reading ❤️

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