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Celebrated on 27th September with the theme of tourism and rural development.This year’s international day of observation comes at a critical moment as countries around the world look to tourism to drive recovery,including rural communites where the sector is a leading employer and economic pillar.


It is the commercial organization and operation of holidays and visit to places of interest,it is travel for pleasure or business.


The celebration took place at mama ngina waterfront park.

The preparation of the venue:

Various people showcased their talent, eg there are number of benefits for the host community as a result of tourism

This includes economic benefits such as opportunities for local business which allows for increased trade among the increased number of visitors and then develops a variety of local businesses

Help preserve rural service like buses,village,shops ,increased demand for local food and crafts.Tourist mainly come to see the scenery and wildlife so we must conserve habitats and wildlife

Thousands of jobs are created and plants a sense of cultural exchange between foreigners and citizens.

social cultural impact of tourism include preserving the local culture and heritage and strengthening communities.

watch the video below,the world tourism day celebrations in mombasa.

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Happy world tourism day 2020


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