1. Silver // black backed jackal is a canine native to eastern and Southern Africa.
    2——- As omnivorous,jackals like to eat both meat and vegetables,their diet consists of leftover,birds,reptiles,antelopes,fruits,insects,berries and grass.
    3——- Jackals are very clever.
    4——-They weigh up to 14kg and can grow to 85cm In length.

5———while they are not normally dangerous,they are still known to attack human.
6——-main predators of jackals are leopard,hyena and eagles >>>>>>>>> young animals are especially easy target of eagles.
7———Jackals are territorial animals.They mark and defend their territory fiercely.


I love mother nature,, my main aim is to protect Mother nature worldwide,planting more trees,treating Animals well, spreading awareness against littering our country, I’m so full of life

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