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What happens when you visit a national park? As for me ,i gather information about each and every animal.
So today let’s learn some facts about ostriches.


……male ostrich has black feather and female has grey feather, perfect to comouflage when sitting on the nest

…..An ostrich can live 50-70 years

…..An ostrich egg is equivalent to 24 hens egg.

…..One ostrich egg can take up to 1.5hours to boil.

…..Ostriches  can’t choke on their food.

…..Ostriches are bigger than any other bird in the world.

…..During mating season,the male ostrich beak and legs turn red/pink to attract the female for mating .

…..Ostriches do not have sweat glands.

…..Ostriches can’t fly and use their wings for cooling and balance.

…..They don’t stick their heads in the sand/ground(this is an urban legend)

…..Ostrich can run at a speed of up to 70-80km per hour

…..They have brilliant eye-sight which means they can see an object as far away as 3.5km during the day time.

…..The male ostrich is called a rooster and sits on the eggs during the night and the female ostrich is called a hen and sits on the eggs during day time.

…..A group of ostrich is called a flock of ostriches.

…..The ostrich egg is the biggest in the world but interestingly is the smallest egg in the world when compared to its body size.

…..The ostrich brain weigh about 40grams and one eye about 60grams

Images are from Nairobi national park.