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First I’m extremely sorry for not uploading earlier on 2018…….lol i was here on 2018 and I’m my kinda late because my soul was against the idea of writing an old story or lets just say I wasn’t a writer by then. Anyway I managed to convince myself and we should be hiking oldonyo by now.

As you know by now, I love nature and I always love going to places to enjoy nature and bring my experience here. Secondly I’m a bit emotionally because I’ve noticed many of you are silent readers.I request y’all to comment, i really wonna know how i write and if my writing brings out imagination. That being said jump in the chapter…..,,,,,


— Hiking

—Wildlife watching; includes Buffalo,leopard,mongoose, bushback,Sykes monkey etc more than 45 species of birds have been recorded.

—Historical site; An unusual burial site for mcmillan grave.

—Abudant forest birds

—scenic views of mt kenya from the summit.

so this is us on unusual burial site…

We come here in a group of like 35 people ,a good number to psych you up.we brought our own snacks which we saved until we made to the top.

Like I said , this year was 2018 and a lot have changed,for example our mode was transport was Kenya mpya >>>> kenya mpya ni bus za thika……..

After mentioning kenya mpya,I’ve just realized I didn’t give the directions to this place and that can’t wait because i don’t want to come back here in 2022 to give directions.

Oldonyo sabuk or kyanzavi in kamba is a mountain in an adjacent small town near thika kenya.

located in kyanzavi division machakos county.The kamba name kyanzavi means the mountain of nzavi or lablab beans.

Like I said we came here in a group and so after we made it to the top we decided to unwind with various game —-maybe that’s what we call team building.

The peak height 2,145! Metre was named by maasai pastoralists meaning big mountain.

The breeze is so relaxing on the top.

Charges are as follow; but you might confirm before going incase of changes


Adult—250. Child—-200


Adults—250. Child—200



Adults_20. Child—- 15

That’s all loves💙 Feel free to comment and ask anything about oldonyo sabuk.

see you next time… you enjoy the video on my YouTube channel— subscribe too if you haven’t.

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