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The waterfall is calling and i must go,this is me after reading wanjiru’s world blog. She did an awesome blog about this place and I decided to visit tooo. I hope after reading this one person might end up visiting this place just like I did.


While kenyans are struggling with BBI and COVID-19,the waterfall at Tigoni is cheerfully flowing waiting for a view from nature lovers.

Nature lover is me …haha i love nature …literally nature is my thing especially the waterfall.I believe water is the cure of everything,wild ,beautiful and trees.

I came here just to relax under the waterfall.I go with the flow,chasing the waterfall with my glass of wine. Nature shower, romance often begins by splashing water on my 45kgs body in my bikini under the sun and waterfall serving you guys thighs…haha . Did i mention about my hair? It was a full day wash..naturalists can agreee.

The above picture shows that i came with a group of friends. I’m so carried away by the waterfall that I’m missing some information..haha; but you can also sense that I’m so excited about the waterfall just by the show of pictures. My friends were something else, the energy was on high level because who carries extra swimsuit just to make sure everybody is rocking a bikini.

They say get lost in nature and you will find yourself and there is no better place to find than sitting by a waterfall.Never forget that a waterfall have 🌈 rainbow, a waterfall cannot be silent and so do my friends

I know how I’ve exaggerated the waterfall thing but I think the main reason is because I love waterfalls….so please allow me.


The waterfall inn tigoni is a picnic site located at limuru tigoni. We requested an Uber from kikuyu town to the place which charged us ksh 800. If you are using public means you can board a matatu from koja Nairobi or from wangige then alight at St. Paul’s university then from there you will completely get lost if you are following me for directions…haha I know …..okay from there I don’t think there’s matatu to take you to the place but there’s plenty of boda boda. If you have decided to follow my directions then I’m sorry if you get lost . Let me help for once if you are completely lost , make sure you can see limuru girls high school because from there…..okay guys just follow google maps and assume my directions.

The entrance fee is ksh 450,you can pay cash or mpesa, they charge sh 250 for a bottle of wine and ksh 300 for whisky…that the amount you will pay if you happen to have carried such drinks in your picnic bag.

They also have a restaurant which was open because we were there on a Sunday. We didn’t order anything from the restaurant because if we plan a picnic definitely we carry our own food which i love.


Waterfall inn Tigoni has a spectacular scenery and an awesome view of Nairobi city

The place is all green because of the tea plantation.

The best view watching Nairobi city.

That was waterfall inn tigoni for us.



  • Travel with a Pen

    I love waterfalls and picnics too! Sounds like the perfect place and reminds me of Paradise Lost

  • zawady

    Such a beautiful indeed >>> thanks

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