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Here we go again,,,, they say that if you manage to hike mt longonot three times then you are ready to hike mt know what ? I don’t believe in such stuff because I can possibly manage to hike any mountain.

Hiking mountain is not easy at all ,I’m warning y’all but it is the biggest dare you can make.

This is the third time I’m hiking mt longonot despite telling y’all that i don’t believe in this stuff. Here I’ll post different pictures and the experience because………………………………………….


Mt longonot is a stratovolcano located in the great Rift Valley of Kenya — Africa.

It name is derived from maasai word “oloonong’ot” meaning mountain of many Spurs. Stratovolcano is a colonical volcano built up by many layers of hardened lava, the lava flowing from stratovolcanoes typically cools and hardens before spreading far due to high viscosity.

The stratovolcano last erupted in the 1860s.


Wear light clothes, sport shoes and carry a lot of snacks and water. My secret about hiking is that I always mix water with glucose which will give me a lot of energy for hiking.

It’s always too hot up there especially hiking the crater itself, carry your sunglasses 😎 it’s advisable if you hike with a group of people,family or partner to psych you up.

Climbing mt longonot there’s some resting point where I always take advantage and rest.


When you finally manage to get at the crater,here is another secret that I always do:

screaming >>>>> scream and listen to the echo as it mimic you. It’s is so therapeutic…always scream on the top of the mountain. I remember watching the bold type where jane was telling kat to try screaming to let things go like jane back in Colorado…but do you know what kat said? “This is not Colorado but newyork” I felt it ,I wanted to dm Jane and ask her if we could be friends and start screaming together on top of mountains.

Climbing the mountain with a group of friends is fun because you will make weird decisions of now going through the crater because what is hiking mt longonot without going through the crater?

In my second visit at mt longonot because this is the third, I promised myself that I’ll never go through the crater but you guys ,I can explain 😹


it is now around 6:30 pm as we try climbing down , this is the climax according to me because here at mt longonot we have giraffes,zebras and antelopes >>>and you know what ,animal usually come out from the hiding very early in the morning or late in the evening to avoid hot sun and also disturbance from human beings.

The talk as we climb down is always about making fun of people who were struggling to hike, eating the leftovers of snacks, discussing which is the hardest mountain to climb after mt longonot, planning the next hike which always take ages to happen and randoms talks.

See you on the next adventure loves🌻❤️