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What if after world war 2 the world was left abandoned crumbled and lifeless, then you are the last person on earth to face the world alone….huh ,tough one right?

For me I’ll run to my therapist who is nature and whisper this;


THEME: forest and livelihoods;sustaining people and planet ______as a way to highlight the central role of forests— forest species and ecosystems services in sustaining the livelihood of hundreds of millions of people globally and particularly of indigenous and local communities.

Indigenous people live in the Amazon rainforest and practice hunting and gathering: this show that the forest serves an important role in serving wildlife and human.

The ogrek who are hunter and gatherers community that inhabits the mau and mount Elgon forests in kenya and some parts of northen Tanzania are classified as native people.

on this day of celebrating world wildlife day,let us also praise Mother Nature for guarding the earth from outside threats and from its own inhabitants; everything is still there ,the trees, the grass and the 🌺 flowers.

Enjoy the day by reading some documentaries about nature🌻