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  1. Let start with a fact that we always use this statement “drink enough water and mind your own business” it’s because water is life. No water no life; water is the most important substance on earth. All plants and animals must have water to survive.


water day has been celebrated each year on march 22nd since 1992. The day focuses on the importance of freshwater and aiming at raising awareness of about 2.2 billions people living without access to safe water globally.

we have 4 type of water

——- surface water ::: streams,river and lakes

——-ground water

———waste water

———- storm water

Let’s talk about surface water and enjoy as i introduce to you the waterfall at castle forest lodge-mt Kenya.

The waterfall derives it water from mt kenya; it is one of the sources of water from mwea irrigation scheme.
Apart from irrigation we use water for;

———drinking and household need.


———- Thermoelecriticity/energy

Imagine a world without water !! Water is life remember , it protect our body organs , lubricate joints , regulate body temperature,moisten tissues in the eye nose and mouth, help dissolves minerals and nutrients to make them accessible to the body, carries nutrients and oxygen to cells.

conserve water ,save water and it will save you one day.


—-water that is used during bathing can be used for washing, cleaning and gardening.

—-use a bucket for bathing instead of showers

——Turn off the taps while brushing and washing hands .

———harvest rain forest.

———repair leekage in the toilet and bathrooms.

saving water is 2021 slogan.