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A moment of silent to all march babies because Celebrating birthdays is a bit harsh now. Here in kenya all restaurants are closed and we are on lockdown. But my friend is celebrating her birthday and we need somewhere to sit as we eat …..forget the “we have food at home” anthem because nobody cares. Or maybe the government cares and hence then no restaurant anthem to avoid the spread of covid 19. All in all girls must eat and we found ourselves at kileleshwa where Willow garden bistro is located.


Willow garden bistro is located at kileleshwa olenguruone road.
My girls and I had planned for this lunch dates before the new covid rules and there’s no way we would have postponed it ……anyway rules were meant to be broken. But if any head of authority is reading this i beg y’all,,please we are sorry.


We took an uber from town which charged us 270. We arrived to willow garden bistro at around 1PM, you know we are still under curfew and we need to be home on time. We were just 3 of us sited because the restaurant is only doing takeaways, also I begged the owner of the restaurant to let us stay for 30 minutes and enjoy our lunch. He agreed though, we know each other just incase you are wondering because he is one of my client and I kept telling him for days how I’ll visit his restaurant for lunch. Just look at how I’m breaching confidential information, forgive my manners.

We ordered marinated chicken, pork with honey, fries, mashed potatoes and veggies.

The food was packed in take away manner because for now only take away is allowed.

Normally this is how Willow garden bistro will serve you …..

Our waiter really served us well, the food was yummy and we really enjoyed.

There is different type of drinks , wine, cocktails,soft drinks name them all..

If actually you are driving and you also need your car cleaned , you don’t have to worry because there is a car wash and you can enjoy your meal as your car is being serviced. There is plenty of parking too and Willow garden is at the roadside so you won’t get lost if it is your first time.

Back to our birthday girl who really enjoyed every bit …..

That was an awesome lunch because we really enjoyed …. if you are planning to visit the place please do…it is worth it.

If you are struggling to choose where to take your girl for that first date vibe and you have not considered Willow garden bistro then i don’t know what you are doing with your life.

A birthday party always end after showering the person with gifts ….and that why after giving our birthday girl gifts we drove back home.

Have you ever been to Willow garden bistro? If yes let me know your experience and if no then what are you waiting for.

Thank y’all for reading 💕

Don’t forget to watch the video below of what happened…….

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