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By the time I was ten, I had listened to many stories about monster and ogre. I can’t believe how I was scared and cried after children who disrespected their parent and ran into the forest then get kidnapped by monsters.

y’all know that i love nature and I always travels to get connected to Mother Nature . So finally I decided to visit castle forest lodge mt kenya. Kindly read to the end because at first it look like behind of scene of jumanji then maybe I didn’t make it because i was swallowed by a monster.


Castle forest lodge is located deep in the thicker forest on the slopes to the south of mount kenya. It is set in a natural sorrounding of rainforest. Here you will experience:


…..nature walk

…… Bird watching

……trout fishing


….hotel lodging

……water and river.

Our journey started at Nairobi through the superhighway to kirinyanga/ Kutus Road and branching off to Kimunye road. It took us almost 3 hours.

Our first stop over was at sagana where we bought snacks.

It was such a chilly morning and the rule of hiking remain “start hiking early as six while the weather is still cool”


Carry your binoculars, passports incase you are a foreigner. Water and snacks of your own choice and please do not litter…nobody is there to collect litter for you.

Wear hiking clothes, preferred long sleeves, do not wear shorts to avoid being scratched by the bushes.

wear good hiking shoes that can do well in muddy terrain. A raincoat incase it rain when you are in the middle of the forest.

swimming costumes.

lastly, carry extra clothes to change after hiking.


The forest starts to get thick and dense as you move further deep with a beautiful view of mount kenya from a distance as the sun start to rise.

Eventually the smiles will fade away because we ventured deep into the forest and it was not easy. It had rained the previous night and the place was slippery.

Here is the reason why i included an extra clothes in my what to carry list;

It is not advisable to hike alone especially if you are a first time hiker . Also do not disconnect yourself from the group as the forest has no defined path and it easy to get lost. Also you need a group of people who will help you like our girl here ;


Castle forest has wild animals like elephants, rhinos and monkeys. As you hike, the monkeys hop from one tree to another and this will give you reason to believe the monsters are about to kidnap you.

please note that you can not venture into deep forest without an experience guide.

Our guide was mr kamau and another rule of nature is “tip the guide” in a world where you can be anything , rangers choose to protect mother nature.


Different types of birds will be seen as some are busy building best, some catching worm, some chirping……

Snails on the way too…Beautiful and different types of plants….


The main waterfall form different type of river and eventually meet to make a great flow.

Water flowing between trees, making the place green and almost like paradise..

At the river you will watch as ducks and birds take a birth…


The hotel is located inside the castle forest, few metres from the gate, there is road where you can drive to the hotel. There is also a picnic area around the hotel. For picnics and hotel booking there is some charges that apply.

I asked a few about what they love about the hotel and the answer was that they love waking up in a cool environment with fresh air as birds sing for them…….


Now I’ve crossed many waterfall in my life while hiking and I always manage to get beneath one. On this particular day , the weather was too cold and don’t let the pictures fool you because i was freezing .

This is the main waterfall. The source of its water is from mt kenya after the melting of snow and hence the too much “coldness”.

The drops were hitting the ground too hard and it is safe to keep a distance. Steeping on the stones as a game to achieve another rule of nature that say “always deep your feet on water”…

If you are a hiker you will enjoy castle forest,! If you are looking for fun you will enjoy castle forest!

For those who travel with professional camera, remember that the fog at the waterfall calls for a camera with waterfall cover…..

Hike distance 9km to the waterfall and 9km back.

see you in the next blog lovies 💕💕

Also enjoy the video below..

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