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The rock hyrax also called cape hyrax,rockrabbit and coney is a medium sized terestrial mammal native to africa and the middle east.

The hyrax holds the unique honor of being the Elephants closest living relative-on land that is.

They hang out in areas where there are rock formation or even little hooks on sheer cliffs that provides shelther and protection.

During wet seasons rock hyraxes eat mostly grass,when grass dries they switch to browse materials;fruits and leaves;they have 3 chambered stomach with bacteria to help digest the plants they eat.

Rock hyraxes have a polygynous mating system where one male mates with 3-7 females controlling them in a territory of up to 4000 square metres.

Breeding occurs depending on geographical location;those in kenya typically mates in August-November.Gestatation periods last for 202-245 days,yielding 1-6 babies in a rocky crevice.

Newborns young are well developed,starting to move around with ease by the seconds day of their lives,at 3-4 days old they are ready to eat food,whereas solid food is included into their diet during the first 2 weeks.

Weaning occurs at 3months old.

The age of sexual maturity for this species is 16 months old;however young hyraxes attain their adult size and weight only after 3 years old.

Don’t forget to pay a visit at Nairobi National Park to see the hyraxes live.