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So this year is 2020 July 5th…my birthday.

President kenyatta had banned or rather closed border so no movement around counties…you know why ?because this year is 2020 and we were on lockdown because of covid 19.

But again it was my birthday and my gurls had suggested we should do something to mark this day …..There’s a tour and travel called spoton vacations which organized a game drive for us at Nairobi National Park.

I live around nairobi kenya and this Was my first time visiting the park ….such a shame

Here we go with my squad ,

we had brought enough snacks…

we paid ksh 12,000 because we were using a landcruiser for 6 peoples and our photographer fischerpixel which makes us 7.

Was such a game drive , learning a lot from our driver mr mwendwa who was our tour guide.

Beautiful pictures from our photographer at every stopover.

Watching different wild animals .

learning about their behavior from our tour guide.


Rock hyrax



Silver backed jackal


If I continue posting animals then I’ll forget about the cake cutting but i did a research about all the animals at the park and posted here……maybe that why I slacked bringing my birthday experience here .


This was a new experience…I was fantasing about being sorrounded by monkeys as I was cutting the cake but it was my friends.

Sharing with people around who were rangers

Please if you are reading this I hope you are whispering a happy birthday to me ..haha

We spent the rest of the evening dancing inside the moving landcruiser the jungle.

catching up and talking about life ,discussing boys ,about our future husbands our life goals all those girls talks.

It was such a great moment with the girlsss

Share your experience here About Nairobi national park.

Also enjoy the video below ;

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  • Rachel

    It was the BOAT. We Aced it. Looking forward to more jungle visits.

  • zawady

    Yeiiiiiyyyy….nature girls

  • Stephano

    Happy Belated birthday Bi. Zawady

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