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Another opportunity to celebrate my birthday in the jungle but this time i traveled alone to masai mara national reserve and I didn’t have a cake.

I booked through Bonfire Adventures.

I booked for 3 days and 2 nights..the total was around Ksh40,000

Bonfire picked me from home and we started our journey at around 7.our first stopover was at the view point along mai-mahiu.The second stopover Narok town…Actually the nearest town at masai mara is narok.

I arrived masai mara at around 3pm..the road trip that was .After the refreshments from the hotel I was shown where my tent was..and this was my home for a couples of days here at mara

My bed for the next 2 nights

Enough with the room tour now>>> this was my view

Remember I came here alone>>>was such a loner by then.Also an evening game drive was about to start and my driver was waiting outside.The best time for a game drive is an early morning or late evening.

I can’t recall the amount I paid for park fee but the rules still appear in term of paying as citizen resident and non-resident.

My evening game had just started.Yes I came alone but I made friends inside the van because it catered space for 6 people.

I had a nice time the whole evening learning a lot about the mara and the animals and as we head back to the tent and dinner time ,let me educate y’all about masai mara.

Masai mara national reserve is an area of preserved savannah wilderness in southern kenya,along the Tanzania border.

Masai mara is one of the most famous and important wildlife conservation and wilderness area in Africa,world renowned for its exceptional population of lion.African leopard,cheetah and African bush Elephant.


So this is my second day at the mara.Just about to experience the whole day game drive

The hotel parked my lunch.

Here we go because my game drive had just started.we view animal at sunrise and sunset >that the secret of nature lovers.

Its animals include Elephants


The landscape has grassy plains and rolling hills.

Here at masai mara >>most people fly to the park and also our first stopover was at the airstrip.

Onto our next stopover which was at the border >>between Serengeti national park.

We now stopped to take lunch at the safe place >>still in the jungle

This was the best moment,cool place.monkeys were around the place and would sometime misbehave as we were having lunch> But that was actually good because i love animals.

Next to the place we took our lunch at was mara river.

Mara river is full of crocodiles and hippos>>here we have tourguides who take you around the river as they explain.Hippos usually comes out at night and the wildebeest are mostly attacked by crocodiles as they cross the river.

Let me give y’all a mini history about the wildebeest migration at the mara.


Masai Mara is known to have excellent wildlife viewing all year but the best time to visit is from july to October.This is because millions of wildebeest migrate from Serengeti to masai mara every year >> it’s the 7th wonder of nature

This is the river where migration takes place.

The greatest wildebeest migration is the largest animal migration in the world. Every year,more than 2 millions animals wildebeest,zebras and gazelle migrate from Serengeti national park Tanzania to masai mara national park kenya.

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Masai mara is full of all kind of animals,the big five.
On my full day game drive we spent the evening at the river where migration takes place.

Driving back from the park to the tent capturing moments also making memories.

When you visit the mara also visit the masai market.we have masai people who entertain tourists by jumping and singing,selling their African accessories and giving history about masai people.

The next morning i was traveling back to nairobi but before that I had an early morning drive.

Masai Mara is so beautiful,I would recommend y’all to visit.

Here is the video about masai mara

Also this is not a sponsered blog.

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Thank y’all for reading 🤩🤩