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The great wildebeest migration is the largest animal migration in the world.Every year ,more than 2 millions animal wildebeest,zebras and gazelle migrates from Serengeti National park (Tanzania) to masai mara National park (kenya)

it’s the seventh wonder of nature, the migration takes place from July to September every year.

On Sunday 23/08/2020 ,over 300 wildebeest drowned after a suspected stampede as they crossed the mara river in the masai mara game drive.

This is mara river where the migration takes place

The wildebeest bloated,rotting carcasses now litter the river filling the air of Kenya’s most famous game park with the sickly stench of death.

such a tragic death,it’s said that the animals picked the wrong point to cross the river.

Masai mara deputy chief game waider Eddy Nkoitoi believes the stampede occurred because the number of wildebeest was quite high and the pressure was strong

He added that all the wildebeest that came from the back stepped on the first ones down and so hundreds died giving hundred of crocodile and vultures more to eat.

We also have Hippos at River mara

Currently, migrating wildebeest are headed northward towards river Talek where they graze and mates every year.

watch the video below on how migration takes place

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